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Oftentimes it’s the small things, like the moments we share with others, that move us beyond measure. The team at Artory takes pride in celebrating each and every milestone with the people who enrich all of our lives. Our aim has never been on making a quick sale. Our team believes the value of our jewelry isn’t just about the stone, the metal or the price, but about capturing those special moments in life. This is why so many of our patrons are loyal for a lifetime.

We hope to nurture future generations of jewelers by leading them onto something more profound, and more magnificent than ever. Artory believes it is the trust we earn of our clients that has allowed us to become more than just a shop; but rather, a community.


Defined by form and accented by hand picked selections, Artory pieces are designed to naturally become an emblem of one’s own personal story.
Our mission is to create high quality, versatile pieces with modern day values at the core.

Each Artory piece is meticulously crafted to be adored, made with the finest sustainable lab grown diamonds and precious metals.

We also flourish on providing our clients the ability to craft their own custom, bespoke designs, providing a world of possibilities.


Placing investments into innovation and technology has allowed us to create better quality rings and jewelry and at a reasonable cost. We have integrated state of the art equipment such as the very latest CAD design software and a 3D molding machine. As technology advances, so will jewelry manufacturing. We are so excited for what the future can bring.


Growing diamonds in a laboratory sounds like science fiction, but it’s very much science fact. Lab diamonds, aka Lab Grown diamonds, are created in laboratories using processes that reproduce how the diamond making process occurs naturally.

Although this may sound simple in theory, in reality it's quite a complex process. Basically, diamond growers have now perfected the technology required to recreate the gems in a laboratory, exactly how they would naturally be formed beneath the Earth over millions of years.

The lab-grown diamonds we select for our pieces are classified as Type 2A - grown using the Chemical Vapour Deposition, or CVD method. To create the CVD process, a seed from a mined diamond is planted in a low-pressure microwave chamber. Hydrogen and methane gasses are then introduced, and a microwave generator pumps energy in, igniting a glowing plasma ball.

CVD is often known as the “most natural” of lab-grown methods, as Type 2A diamonds undergo no artificial post-treatment to enhance their color or clarity after being released from the growth chamber. This means that the diamond grower has no control over the final color of the stone, or whether there will be inclusions present - so the diamonds are available to source across the full quality spectrum.

Once grown, the rough diamond is cut and polished by a master diamond cutter - using the same process applied to mined diamonds.